A Win-Win Content Ecosystem

Our vision is to build up an open battle platform for all the gamers and developers! We believe that games should provide people with the ultimate enjoyment, enabling players to fully explore the spiritual world constructed by games with their own creativity and expansion ability.

All expectations of value cannot be separated from good contents. Different from the existing mainstream products, we hope to create a new ecological model which should realize:

Content Supports Value

Steady value growth and monetization will be achieved through a win-win decentralized content production mechanism, which generates an ever-increasing amount of content to retain more experienced players while reducing the cost of entry for new players. At the same time, digital assets should not be limited to a single character or one game type. In the Antmons metaverse, NFTs are players' most loyal companions, enabling them to explore any possibility and any type of the gameplay.

A Decentralized and More Robust Content Ecosystem

Within the provider-to-player content ecosystem, we hope to bring more developers into our content ecosystem. We need to provide robust incentives for developed partners to produce high quality content that enriches players experience.

Responsible Token Model Based on Ecosystem Development

We hope our players could find their preferred gameplay within an increasingly rich content ecosystem. And the issuance of tokens will not be disorder. It will be an adventurers' paradise, and the allocation of tokens is skewed toward the more adventurous players who have a deeper understanding of gameplays.

At the end of the vision statement, we always believe that games have no borders, races and religions. With the support of blockchain decentralization technology, we are truly building something to make the game world a better place.

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