💡What is Antmons Entertainment?

Antmons Entertainment is a MetaNFT, Battle-to-Earn GameFi Platform compatible with web2 & web3 users. It is not a single game. It is more like a set of standards, dedicated to providing users with a continuously enriched content system, and providing developers with a simple, reliable and sustainable ecological platform.

💡Antmons will be applicable on which platforms?

IOS, Android, PC

💡What are Key Competences of Antmons?

  1. Top team in the game industry. Former Clash of Clans and Supercell Asia Pacific operation & core member of Roblox promotion team that creates top metaverse products.

  2. Live game interaction covers a broader audience, compared with existing competitors. For the first time, the gameplay of live streaming + blockchain + strategy is combined as one.

  3. The whole economic control algorithm is self-adaptive to stabilize the price of the DEW and AMS, with the help of the competent development team.

💡How many types of Tokens does Antmons have?

The game is born with two sets of tokens: AMS and DEW

  1. AMS is a functional governance token, a decentralized medium of exchange between Antmons content ecological contributors, and an important form of Antmons' economic incentives.

  2. DEW is a game token. Except for the first batch of DEW used to set up the DEX for players to trade, all DEW can only be obtained through game behavior.

  1. Participate in Antmons special events such as guild powerball to earn AMS and scarce Meta NFTs.

  2. Users who achieve top rankings in the battle season can earn AMS as a reward.

  3. Developers who perform well in game metrics such as user time will be rewarded with AMS.

  4. Pla yers can earn AMS by completing specific challenges, accumulating a certain amount of game time, or inviting new users, etc.

  1. There are three levels of blind boxes: brutal, nasty, and ferocious eggs. The highest level of blind boxes, ferocious eggs, can only be purchased through AMS which contains scarcer Meta NFTs.

  2. Participate in decentralized community governance. Holders can initiate proposals and vote to determine Antmons functional modifications and content adjustments, etc.

  3. Players can obtain greater benefits by staking AMS or Meta NFTs.

  1. DEW Battle. The amount of $DEW brought by a single victory depends on the trophy level and rarity of the Meta NFT.

  2. Token Pool Battle (Bet + Battle). Before each Bettle, players must bet a certain amount of DEW in the DEW Pool, and the winner can take away all the DEW minus the handling fee.

  3. Players can get DEW as a reward when their ranking rises.

  1. Buy blind boxes of brutaland nastylevels.

  2. Reward those who livestreams the match.

  3. After Antmons opens the livestream interactive function, audiences can purchase interactive tokens for participating players by consuming DEW, such as buying mobs to attack a player, or buying blood packs for the team to support the battle.

💡If DEW has unlimited supplies and can only be earned in games, does that mean it can't be purchased with a different currency?

We will add the liquidity of DEW in Dex, and then players can make purchases in DEX.

It is a set of descriptive data used to describe and define NFTs in various categories and different art forms, and it can circulate between games. Meta NFT provides a set of numerical criteria for each game. Different content providers can generate their own in-game characters according to the attribute and descriptive data of Meta NFT.

💡What real value does Antmons provide?

We provide a simple and reliable technical user interface for all. Every content provider can benefit as long as they constantly contribute high-quality gameplay content, even when they are limited at technical support. Players and users can continuously experience enriched gameplay content just through ONE purchase of Meta NFT.

💡What is the process of Antmons' ecological construction?

  1. The first Meta NFT blind boxes released.

  2. The first game released.

  3. Publish technical interface.

  4. Introduce more developers and more related products.

Website: http://antmons.com/

TG group: https://t.me/Antmons

TG channel: https://t.me/AntfromMars

Discord: https://discord.gg/np94zTNdpT

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AntmonsOfficial?s=09

Medium: https://medium.com/@AntmonsOfficial/6d89c21f9be4

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