Heroes live in Antmons Universe

Antmons is set in a world of tiny insects. Players should unlock the sealed eggs to summon heroes to fight for themselves or set up guilds for more loots. Antmons heroes are divided into different combat attributes: Warrior, Tank, Archer, AOE, and Thrower. Each of them has different Skills and SuperSkills, you also could pick another SpecialSkill for each of them before the battles. So You need to improve skills and optimize arrangements so that you can win the battle and generate rewards!


The Rarity of a hero is determined by 2 elements: hero rarity and skin rarity. Heroes with a higher rarity have more energy, powerful skills and will have more DEW rewards from DEW battles.

Hero Rarity: Hero rarity is determined by the drop rate inside the Sealed Eggs of Antmons. There are 4 different levels of hero rarity:

  • Common Hero

  • Rare Hero

  • Epic Hero

  • Legendary Hero

Skin Rarity: Skin rarity is determined by the rarity level of Sealed Eggs of Antmons. The rarer the Sealed Eggs of Antmons is, the better the hero looks like. There are 3 different levels of skin rarity:

  • R Grade

  • SR Grade

  • SSR Grade

Heroes Introduction

  • Anja

A ninjutsu master traveling and fighting for his living. Anja is accustomed to using the katana, and his superb tactical literacy and dazzling swordsmanship.

  • Taiyo

Taiyo is a sumo wrestler with a strong defensive ability and strength who shouldn't be underestimated in battle.

  • Hoody G

Hoody G came from a ruthless street gang, he doesn't care how the sense of justice is achieved. Like its elusive arrow, it shoots from the depths of darkness, straight at evil targets.

  • Hunt

If Hoody G stands for street spirit, Hunt stands for order. Hunt believes in chivarly and of course doesn't like Hoody G that much.

  • Metal Rule

Metal Rule came from the filthy and dark depth of the ground. His machine gun brought a turning point in the first half of his dark life.

  • Butch

A gifted boxer who lost an arm in an explosion. But that doesn't stop him from pursuing his passion for boxing. With his prosthetic arm, he can fight without a hitch, even surpassing his original self!

  • Val

Val is the calm and tough leader of the women's tribe in the arctic, uniting all tribe members to achieve victory after victory.

  • Tricia

Tricia is the youngest daughter of leader Pam and one of the most gifted sorcerers of all time. Her ability stems from her powerful staff attack and agile movement.

  • Aggie

Aggies is Tricia's babysitter, a caring doctor who gives hope and light to the battlefield and has saved the lives of the dying and wounded.

  • Tuco

The mysterious Tuco comes from the western desert, no one doubts his fighting wisdom and precise marksmanship.

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