The Team

Antmons Entertainment team is experienced in leading game companies, blockchain R&D, marketing and team management of large-scale projects. Founded in 2021, the team has 20 members now, composed of three parts: game development (12 people), blockchain development (4 people) and marketing & business development (4 people).

Core team members


He was responsible for Supercell operation and a core member of Roblox publishing team. He participated in the establishment of Roblox data platform, promoted the launch of Roblox, and was responsible for the operation of Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans of Supercell. He has a deep understanding and experience in the construction of game ecology and community operation.


He used to work in the commercialization department of a well- known communication company, was also responsible for the algorithm design and R&D of large-scale business commercialization strategy. He was also in charge of R&D of financial risk control algorithm in well-known financial platform.


A popular and successful influencer active in mainstream social media. She has not only been responsible for the event planning and operation of the NFT trading platform but is a very competent community operator as well. Relying on her own successful experience, Amelia has a deep understanding of artist operation (MCN) and NFT market promotion.

Our Visions

Our vision is to build up an exciting battle platform for gamers, where there will be MOBAs, card strategies, and car gunfights. We want to offer a continuously enriched content system and a simple, reliable & sustainable ecological platform to all the players & developers!