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Decentralized NFT

We provide continuous updates and gameplay services for the majority of users who love competitions. To this end, Antmons Entertainment initialized the Meta NFT standard, enabling the realization of an extremely decentralized ecological community.

What is Meta NFT?

What Meta NFT means to NFT is what Meta Data means to data (the data that describes data). Meta NFT itself is not a "traditional" NFT, but a set of descriptive standards used to describe and define NFTs in different categories and art forms. Players can trade and upgrade their Meta NFTs, and mint Hero NFTs out of Meta NFTs in any game within the Antmons platform, which can either be traded or be mint back to Meta NFTs. One Meta NFT could provide surprising experiences in different game contents.


Meta NFT provides a set of metrics for each game. Different content providers can generate their own in-game characters based on descriptive data attributes of Meta NFT.


If the existing Meta NFT standard doesn't have the attribute standard required by content developer, the content providing party can extend the attribute definition of the Meta NFT standard by including more attribute types in the standard to cover more game categories.

Basic attributes of Meta NFT

Before engaging in a variety of gameplays, you should understand specific Meta NFT attributes according to improve immersive experience in a particular type of competitive fight.


Character rarity: Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary

Skin rarity: R/SR/SSR

The number of battle points and amount of DEW rewards depend on the rarity of Meta NFT.


We compare Meta NFT to Photon, a basic microscopic particle. The life cycle of Meta NFT is divided into the following three stages according to cosmic standards:

  • Black Box: Players spend a certain amount of DEW or AMS to get Sealed Egg of Antmons, which are categorized as Brutal, Nasty and Ferocious eggs. Different level of SEAs has different probabilities of winning Antmons Meta NFT in different rarities.

  • Photon Epoch: Each Meta NFT is created and thrown into the Antmons universe, just as photons are thrown into a unified large magnetic field that attract and repel each other. With different rarities of Antmons Meta NFT, players have different chances to participate in DEW battles. The rarer Meta NFT is, the more battles they can join in.

  • Heat Death: In order to balance the ecological values, Meta NFTs are endowed with the concept of Heat Death in the universe. After a certain number of battles, the Meta NFTs will no longer be available to generate rewards in battles.

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