Antmons Guild


Players can create guilds in the Antmons universe, which are designed to foster a more vivid gaming ecosystem, by building and strengthening bonds among players with stronger sense of belonging. In a guild, players need to jointly support the growth of the guild and compete with other guilds for rewards to make the gameplay more interesting and challenging.


Compared with the current mainstream games, Antmons guild mechanism is more decentralized, and every player can establish guilds on a fair basis. Each player can choose to set up his or her own guild at any time, and players can increase the size of the guild by inviting new members or having more players apply to join.

Guild Level

Each one of the guilds has its own level. Higher levels would unlock more sorts of challenges and more rewards, and guilds require a certain amount of honor points and resources to level up. A thriving guild depends on the collective efforts of all guild members. Guild rank determines the number of guild members.

All for One

Guilds can offer discounts for members to draw sealed eggs and lower the entry barrier . The president distributes the profits according to the development of the guild.

One for All

Guilds offer members a variety of quests with high token yields. Members can fight for guilds’ glory.

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