AMS Token

Governance Token


The very foundation of Antmons Entertainment is the democracy underlying its innovation. We want to make sure that everyone who invests in our vision profits a fair share of the wealth we create as a community and product. In light of our values, we are introducing the AMS token. AMS token is a deflationary governance token with a finite supply of 100 million that are controlled via a vesting schedule, therefore as demand grows over time, the price will naturally rise, heavily rewarding early adopters and holders.

  • Ticker: AMS

  • Total supply:100,000,000

Token Circulating Supply

According to the vesting schedule, initial circulating supply is estimated at 1.7% of total supply.

See more details here 👉 Tokenomics


  • Transaction fee of the platform: there will be a 5% transaction fee charged when executing a purchase on the Antmons Marketplace to ensure that the Treasury and Game Rewards sections are replenished, creating a sustainable ecosystem for the P2E model;

  • Participating in airdrop campaign/sales campaign: in the early marketing stage of the games on Antmons Entertainment platform, we will kick off airdrop campaign with AMS token to attract more users;

  • Staking for token rewards or NFT prizes: for further rewards among different games on Antmons Entertainment, the users could stake their AMS tokens to get in-game currency yields or some NFT prizes which help them to get higher revenue in the game;

  • Purchase in Antmons Games Marketplace: AMS token is the only currency used to purchase initial release Ferocious Eggs on Antmons marketplace;

  • Joining DAO (membership) to vote on treasury & platform development: AMS token, as the governance token, also the platform token, gives the right to the holders to decide treasury allocation, dedicated gameplay optimization and the platform development in the future.


  • Initial airdrop to reward early adopters

  • Free airdrop for community members

  • Staking (Providing LP)

  • Purchase in exchanges

  • Earn from Game Features (e.g Board of Honor, Powerball)

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