Key features of Antmons Entertainment

Meta NFT

We hope the Antmons universe to be tolerant and open, so we set the Meta NFT which is not limited to a single character or a game product. Meta NFT is a set of NFT descriptive standards that can be extensively adapted to new gameplay and a first attempt to combine ContentFi with GameFi.

Meta NFT gives players the possibility to experience all types of gameplay and artistic content. The Meta NFT holders can test all our games internally in advance and get benefits. So the value of Meta NFT will continue to grow as the number of games in the ecosystem increases, which will lay a foundation for the secondary market in the future.

Token Pool Bettle

Token Pool Bettle is a way designed to monetize superprofits for winners. Regardless of the gameplay, players can choose to invest in a token pool before the battle based on their confidence and token amount. Winners can take the prize after the handling fee is extracted from the token pool, and the handling fee will be contributed proportionally from the corresponding teams.

It encourages adventurous players to engage in combat and make more money. There will be more and more gameplay, every player will find a way to play against their opponent!


Since our design is to make a decentralized content ecosystem, there will be endless streams of content/games adding to the Antmons metaverse. The algorithm will introduce and recommend game products for each player in real-time. And we will create a most effective development interface to help developers create their own content with outstanding ideas and creativities, with the rating system like this.

Ultimate SocialFi

On SocialFi, we took it a step further. We will build up live streaming & interaction syatem inside our games. Players can livestream their fight, so that viewers can watch the fight and bet on winners. Viewers can also interact, for example they can purchase fuel packages and send troubling monsters to mess up the fight. Play for attention, play for fortune!

Web 2.0 Compatible

Besides Web 3.0 users, We also provide access interfaces for users without crypto wallets. The lower the threshold is, the more users there are.

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