DEW Token

Antmons MOBA Gametoken


Antmons Enetertainment works as a open GameFi platform for each gamers and developers. We want to make sure that everyone could share fair in-games rewards. For Antmons MOBA incubation, we are introducing its Gametoken: DEW.

  • Ticker: DEW

  • Total supply๏ผšInfinite

  • Release plan: The platform will first issue 100,000,000 DEW on DEX to create trading pairs. After that, players can only get DEW inside the game.


  • In-game Rewards: DEW generated from DEW Battle is the in-game reward;

  • Upgrade In-game NFTs: players could spend DEW to upgrade their NFTs and generate more in the battles;

  • Charge Battle Points: players could spend DEW to charge battle points and join in more DEW-generating battles;

  • Purchase NFTs in Antmons Marketplace: players could spend DEW to purchase SEAs and Meta NFTs in Antmons Marketplace;

  • Buy Live Streaming Props: players could spend DEW to purchase fuel packages or send troubling monsters to mess up the fight.


  • Purchase in exchanges

  • Initial airdrop to reward early adopters

  • Free airdrop for community members

  • Earn in Antmons Games Features


  • In Token Pool Bettle: players bet DEW against opponents, the platform will charge processing fee from the token pool. Part of DEW will be burnt, and part of them will be added into the reward pool for daily task rewards;

  • NFT Transaction: The Dew that players spend to incubate NFTs from the SEA will be destroyed;

  • Upgrading: A large amount of DEW spent by players to upgrade NFTs will be destroyed;

  • Battle Points: The Dew that players spend for battle points will be destroyed;

  • SocialFi: Part of the Dew consumed by players participating in the live streaming interaction will be destroyed, and part will be injected into the reward pool.

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