Play To Earn

Antmons Economic Model

Take Antmons MOBA as an example.

  1. For each player who want to join into Antmons games, you should get at least 1 Sealed Eggs of Antmons (SEA) first through IGO purchase or giveaway events. In SEA, you will get a Meta NFT. It could be Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary.

  2. For the next step, it is crucial and interesting! You can choose the game you want to play with, MOBA, chess games or Texas Holdโ€™em.

  3. After that, you can convert the Meta NFT into any Antmons hero of that game you choose! The heroes you can pick up share the same rarity level with the Meta NFT.

  4. Then, just summon them to the battle ground and upgrade them to help you win the rewards!

  5. Donโ€™t worry if you feel tired of one hero or one type of game. With the Meta NFTs, just convert them into different characters you like!

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