Economy Ecosystem of Antmons Entertainment

Antmons Ecosystem Pyramid

Antmons Entertainment is a MetaNFT, Battle-to-Earn GameFi Platform. There will be various games with different ratings.

The token ecosystem is powered by 3 cryptocurrencies: AMS, Gametoken, and Stablecoin. AMS will be the only token for platform governance, while the others as in-game tokens will have the following scenarios.


Our goal with AMS, Gametoken and Stablecoin is to use these as economic regulations and incentives to serve users in the ecosystem activities. We leverage the tokenomic to ensure the sustainability & scalability of the ecosystem. Our goals:

  • Regulate the Economy: AMS forms a critical part of helping build a sustainable play-to-earn economy and protect against bots. AMS is required to mint any NFT, and fixed distribution of AMS for player rewards will prevent unsustainable growth;

  • Reward Players: Gametoken or Stablecoin is a tradeable in-game currency that is given as gameplay rewards to improve player retention and provide an avenue for play-to-earn;

  • Align Incentives: AMS, Gametoken and Stablecoin can be given to all community members (developers, content creators, etc.) as an incentive to grow the game platform and community, which ultimately results in a better Antmons experience for all players.

Tokens Burn

For economic stability, spending opportunities and the burning of Gametoken must be well balanced with earning opportunities and the minting of it. This is achieved in Antmons in two ways:

  • Increasing the number of alternative rewards within game features, such as NFTs that can be used in game. This can support a natural reduction in the number of tokens being issued for in-game rewards, which will be delivered through a verifiable random reward system;

  • Creating multiple ways to spend the tokens through in-game features, then burning all of the tokens when they are spent to counteract inflationary pressure. (Token Pool Battle, Live Streaming Gift Pool Reward, etc.)

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