Antmons Entertainment

The Meta NFT GameFi Universe
Antmons Entertainment is a MetaNFT, Battle-to-Earn GameFi Platform compatible with web2 & web3 users. It is not a single game. It is more like a set of standards, dedicated to providing users with a continuously enriched content system, and providing developers with a simple, reliable and sustainable ecological platform.
The "traditional" GameFi has a single ecological relationship, the content provider to the user. In Antmons, what we create is a more stable triangular relationship between the platform, the content provider, and the user. The platform provides a simple and reliable technical interface. The content provider can continue to gain revenue as long as they contribute high-quality gameplay contents, even with little technical expertise. Players and users can always experience continuously enriched gameplay content just by relying on a Meta NFT.
This is a paradise of adventure! Both for players and developers.


Antmons is the first Play-to-Earn game we will launch on Antmons Entertainment. It is a blockchain-based game with endless real-time competitions and a metaverse that can be regarded as an adventurists’ paradise, owned and defined by the community. You can earn daily revenue by participating in DEW Battles, or taking an adventure in Token Pool Bettles.
The game is set in a world of tiny insects. Players summon Antmons heroes to fight for themselves or set up guilds for more loots. Antmons heroes are divided into different combat attributes: Spayer, Tank, Archer, AOE, and Thrower. You need to upgrade heroes and improve skills so that you can win the battle and generate rewards!

Antmons Smart Contract

Antmons Smart Contract has been audited by Slowmist.
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