DEW Battle

Daily Battles generating DEW


DEW Battle is a common way to generate daily DEW rewards from the game. You can choose one of the following game modes. At the end of each battle, players will receive a certain amount of DEW based on their victory and Meta NFT rarity levels.

Reward Pool Mechanism

Antmons would distribute a certain amount of DEW into a Reward Pool based on the daily played game times and the number of DAU.

Battle Rules

  • Each Meta NFT has a limited amount of battle points for generating DEW. Once you participate into 1 DEW Battle, you will lose 1 battle point;

  • After losing all of your battle points, you canโ€™t generate DEW any more. But you can spend DEW to charge battle points to generate DEW again or just enjoy the game with your friends;

  • Each Meta NFT has different amounts of victory rewards per battle, related with their rarity levels. You will get rewards if you win the battle, and get nothing once you lose;

  • To improve your chance of winning and victory rewards per battle, you can also spend DEW to upgrade your heroes.


Take this as an example. For a single player with 50% rate of winning, we could estimate the total expectation rewards without any charging or upgrading here, about 12%-15% ROI with a stable token price.

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